The Concept

From the 12th to the 19th of August join us to enjoy a week of fun, sharing, training, workshops and networking with Jews from all over Europe and beyond.
It's what you've been waiting for all year!

Summer U  is providing the best that summer has to offer. Embodying positive Jewish identities, celebrating diversity at all time: during the workshops, the panels, the legendary parties, while networking, in the pool or challenging others at sports. Come to laugh, meet, learn, sweat, sing, dance, run and let loose together with old and new friends from across the globe.

Summer U has brought together young Jewish students and professionals (18-30 years old) from all over Europe and beyond, every year for the past 37 years!

This year, it is all about INCLUSIVITY! Grab your friends, come as a group, organize a session or run a club! We will discuss who we are as individuals and as communities. Whatever you do, pack your bathing suit and get ready for some intense sun … we’re going to SPAIN!

Affordable Summer with great people: In Summer U you create your own experience. Follow our programme tracks tackling issues that are relevant to today’s young Jews: Political advocacy, Jewish Learning & Diversity, and many more.

Discover the Spanish Culture & History! Play sports, hang out by our private outdoor pool, learn new dances and songs, and party with new friends! During Summer U, every day is a day to remember.

This year’s hotel in Spain is an exclusive kibbutz-style resort just half an hour away from Spain’s major airport in Malaga and just one hour away from the international airport in Seville.

Summer U is offered by the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS). EUJS is a pluralistic, inclusive and non-partisan umbrella organisation that supports Jewish student unions throughout Europe and represents its members in international institutions and organisations. Founded in 1978, we currently encompass 35 member organisations, spanning from Russia to Portugal; Bulgaria to the United Kingdom.

EUJS seeks to strengthen Jewish communities and European society through student activism and advocacy. Therefore, EUJS connects peer-led, independent Jewish student unions throughout Europe and supports them in fulfilling the aspirations of the Jewish people, developing Jewish religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage and ensuring continuity.


Every year, Summer U hosts a wide range of activities. Together with our Jewish educational advisor we are working on bringing meaningful Jewish content for the diverse crowd coming to the event.

This year all our energy has been focused on making this event a place of celebration of positive European Jewish identities. The program has been tailored day by day to find the right balance between content and holiday feeling. All the sessions run during the program will be held in informal and non-formal settings with the common theme of Inclusivity.

You decide what’s important for you! As a vital part of the young European Jewish community, you’ll get the knowledge, tools, and support to build our Jewish future on the continent with a whole network of new amazing friends.

Get ready for the crazy Workshops, Union Hours and Parties led by the national unions and initiatives! Are you a local group organising events for young adults at least 3 times a year? Contact!

Stay fit with Yoga, Aerobics, Color Fight, Maccabiah games and many more. Express yourself through song, dance, arts and crafts by attending or running your own Club!! Get your camera ready, we’re going on a day trip to one of Spain’s breath-taking spots!
Spend a beautiful Shabbat together with over 300 fellow Pan-European Jews!

Be part of the EUJS General Assembly

This year at Summer U, our member unions will elect a new President and Board and will discuss and adopt policy proposals. Whether as a union delegate or an interested participant, you’ll get to be part of EUJS’ democratic processes and be part of shaping the direction of the organization!

Location of the Summer U Venue: The Summer U resort is located in Spain, in between two lovely cities - Malaga and Seville.

Venue & Facilities

  • Meeting rooms indoor and outdoors
  • A resort village-like to create our own Summer U Kibbutz!
  • A big pool
  • Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Maid cleaning service every day
  • Pick up bus from major airports

Safety is our Priority. We’ve implemented the highest security measures in cooperation with the local authorities and the Jewish community in Malaga.


18-25 Years Old 26-30 Years Old
Early bird registration 407,00 459,00
Regular price 454,00 502,00
18-25 Years Old 26-30 Years Old
Early bird registration
407,00 459,00
Regular price
454,00 502,00

We are able to accept the following payment options for Summer U: Mastercard/Visa, Bank Transfer as well as the option to pay your participation fee in 2 installments with 0% interest.


You are a local Union, group, or initiative? Get in touch at, you might apply to the group package including a tailored discount, a personalized entry to the Gala, and the opportunity to make an impression on everyone showing what you are good at by running a Party or an afternoon Cocktail hour!


We try to make Summer U accessible for as many people as possible. If you would like to join Summer U but are in need of financial assistance, please inform us during the application process and we will try to help you as best as we can.

Meet The Team

Be a participant this year, and next year, explore Summer U from the other side of the mirror! Are you social, ready for being in charge for a week, helping friends make friends and qualified to handle all the balloon, costume and decoration emergencies? Follow EUJS on social media and next year take the chance to join our team and make one of the largest summer events for Jewish youth in the world happen.

Your travel and stay will be covered by us!

What we are looking for? Motivated, dedicated, reliable and fun Jewish students or young professionals who work well in a team and are able to commit to attending Summer U, the days before, as well as one preparatory weekend happening in April. You will have to dedicate several hours per week from June to August to ensure a fantastic Summer U – all worthwhile, you can be sure!



Contact Us

Hotline number: +3226477279